Commercial door installation


    We supply and install brand new commercial grade aluminum and glass entrances door systems for all types of business buildings from store fronts, retail stores, department stores, offices and institutions.

    From a small job of removing an existing broken single store door and replace it with a brand new single store door, to working with a builder or general contractor to install an entire building with new commercial grade door systems.

    We specialize in commercial grade aluminum framed doors with glass and custom thick frameless glass doors.

    The new door systems will be heavy duty for high traffic area use which will be adequate for commercial use. All our doors are custom built and comes with all required hardware to properly function, this includes handles, locks, closers, threshold, hinges.

    Please give us a call today to book an appointment for our estimator to come and assess your job site then we can provide you with a proper quote for the new door systems.

    Or if you are a builder or a general contractor please give us a call or email us with your requests, we can then look into your architectural drawings for pricing out the new door systems for your project.

Supply and installed new commercial aluminum storefront entry doors system. New aluminum doors system comes with new double pane glass panels and all required door hardware parts. New aluminum doors fit into newly built openings by the builder.
Customer used to have old aluminum doors which are broken and required a replacement. We installed brand new frameless glass doors in place of the old aluminum doors. The new entry glass doors were thick tempered glass and came with all the required door hardware parts. These newly installed entry glass doors gave the store front an elegant look that catches paying customers eyes.
We worked with a builder to have an entire commercial building installed with brand new aluminum doors, aluminum windows and canopy systems. This brand new commercial building required up to code entry doors systems, the new custom aluminum doors were made to fit into the newly built openings by the builder. We managed to complete the entire building on time with new commercial aluminum doors, aluminum windows and glass canopies.
Broken store front entry aluminum door due to burglary. This commercial aluminum glass entry door needs to be custom manufactured therefore a temporary board up was required until the new doors are built. Once the new aluminum doors were manufactured our technicians returned to the store site and installed new replacement aluminum glass door into the Vancouver downtown retail store.

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