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Folding Doors – Residential

More and more people are choosing aluminum doors these days for their home and building because of its thermal performance, durability and low maintenance, affordability, design flexibility, finishes, and re·cy·cla·bil·i·ty. Angel Glass is specialized in design and install aluminum doors for both commercial buildings such as storefronts or office buildings and residential buildings such as apartments or hi rise condos. We can help you to custom your aluminum door fit your request. There are two popular types of aluminum door:

Aluminum Door – Swing Style

The benefits of swing aluminum door are the wide opening for access and professional look. Swing doors can be use for:

  • Front entry aluminum door
  • Commercial building aluminum door
  • Restaurant aluminum door
  • Office aluminum door


  • Glass installation
  • Window Renovations – from Single Pane to Double Pane
  • Energy Efficient Glass


  • Glass repair
  • Broken sliding window
  • Hardware : Hinges, handles, rotor


  • Glass Replacement
  • Broken Window Glass Replacements
  • Foggy & Failed Double Pane Glass
  • Single Pane & Sealed Glass Units replacements
Frameless Frameless
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